A performance review template depicts the general agenda of creating a performance review questionnaire to assess and judge the competency of employees from all aspects that are related to the job. Thus the document has to support a large number of questions that have to be standardized and made valid before application to assure a reliable examination process.

You can Download the Free Performance Review Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Performance Review Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Performance Review Template

Performance Review Template

Download Performance Review Template

COMPANY NAME [Mention the name of the organization conducting the review]

Company Logo [Add symbol]

Contact Information: __________________ [Provide phone and fax]
Website: ______________________________ [Mention blog name]
Employee’s Data:
1. Name: _____________ [Give name of employee]
2. ID: ________________ [Give unique code number]
3. Job Post: ___________ [Mention job title]
4. Department: _________ [Mention faculty name]
5. Period: _____________ [Mention the period taken into account]
Performance Data:







Initiative (Motivation)
Punctuality (Meeting deadline)
Creativeness (Introduction of  ideas)
Consistency (Reliability)
Quality (Frequency of errors)
Goals: [Lay down the goals agreed upon by the employee]: