An army witness is a person who sees an army event, an army incident, a crime or an army activity. A printable army witness statement form is a printable form that is used by army men to read and review the statement given by a witness regarding that incident or an army activity. This is a printable form describing the event that took place in a detailed manner.

Such a form states and defines all the details of the army incident or an army activity such as date, place, actions, name and number of army personnel, immediate consequences etc. An army witness has to honestly state the incident that he has witnessed in the army witness statement form, which is then reviewed by the army men for their referral.

While drafting such a witness form, the witness should provide first hand information of what he saw, heard or experienced. He should state the incident in such a way the evidence or the incidence is well furnished and properly stated.

Printable Army Witness Statement Form