A printable assets and liabilities statement form is the one which mentions all the available assets and liabilities of a company. Assets are possessions of value like money, future payments to be received, property owned etc. Liabilities are things that an organization owes such as bills from suppliers, salaries of employees, taxes etc. Hence assets can be regarded as incoming and liabilities can be related to outgoing.

The assets and liabilities statement form consists of all the assets and liabilities that an organization possesses. The mention of all of these is made into this statement form. We can see however that asset must be greater than liabilities for the part of profitability of an organization.  Liability can be associated with a negative connotation.

The assets such as fixed property, machinery plant, vehicles, investments, life policies, shares etc. are mentioned along with the liabilities such as bonds, rents, loans etc. in the assets and liabilities statement form.

Printable Assets and Liabilities Statement Form