A commercial lease agreement is an agreement that is signed between a landlord and a person or a business for renting of the landlord’s property for commercial use. In order to draft such an agreement, one can take help of a printable commercial lease agreement template.  Most businesses prefer to hire a property instead of buying one because of the requirement of less capital. Ahead of signing a commercial lease agreement, it’s important to finalize the clauses that would be included in the agreement which includes the following:

  • Rent amount — the landlord calculates the rent based on the area being let out.
  • Rent increase — commercial lease agreements usually provide for an annual increase of rent, usually a fixed percentage.
  • Length of lease — landlords prefer a long term agreement. Yet, many may prefer short term ones.
  • Improvements — this clause states the modifications and improvements that the landlord would carry out in the property and whether the lessee is responsible to maintain that.Commercial-Lease-Agreement-Template