A consulting agreement is a contract between a client and consultant that lays down the terms and conditions regarding the type of consulting services that are to be provided by the consultant. The agreement covers the provisions related to clients’ responsibilities, both in terms of support to the consultant’s efforts and the payment. The agreement should have a fixed start date and a completion date. It should be broad and open-ended and dependent on the intentions of the parties involved in the agreement. A printable consulting agreement template is a ready to use document that defines the format in which these types of agreements must be drafted.

There are several points that have to be included in the agreement. Some of these would define the scope and width of the services extended including committing the consultant to spend a fixed number of hours at the client’s place as well as interacting with the company’s employees or working with financial, business and other records. Other points may include developing client strategies, defining new methods, taking part in brainstorming sessions etc.

Printable Consulting Agreement Template