Contractor evaluation form is filled to evaluate the performance of the contractor. This form may be downloaded from the company’s website or the soft copies may be sent by the company officials via email. You need to take a printout of this form and answer the questions asked in it.

This form may be given to the company’s clients to get it filled by them. This helps the company officials understand as to how well the contractor is able to fulfill the clients’ expectations and what more do they expect from him as well as the project being handled by him.

This form may also be filled in by the senior company officials to evaluate the performance of the contractor. The contractor is evaluated and rated on various parameters by way of this form. In most cases the evaluation and rating done is shared with the contractor as it helps him understand as to where he lacks and what all improvisations should be done.

Sample Printable Contractor Evaluation Form

Printable Contractor Evaluation Form