Printable contractor lien release form is filled by the contractor or the sub contractor to declare that he has been paid the entire amount for providing the construction services and that the property now belongs solely to the property owner. There is no further payment that the property owner needs to make to him. A printable contractor lien release form along with a construction lien release document is generally required for releasing the lien.

The property owner must ensure that as soon as the complete payment has been made to the contractor/ sub contractor he gets a printable contractor lien release form filled and signed by him. This is essential since there are certain contractors who may stand up any time and ask for the pending payment for construction services even if the property owner has already paid it in full. If the property owner has the lien release form/ document signed by the contractor then the later would not be able to do so.

Sample Printable Contractor Lien Release Form

Printable Contractor Lien Release Form