A printable functional assessment interview form is an interview form that is designed with a purpose to review, examine and assess a person’s activities of daily living, his mobility, locomotion, communication etc. This is a medical based assessment that is carried out through an interview of the patient, focussing on the patient’s problematic system or systems.

A printable functional assessment interview form is prepared by asking and questioning on concerns such as the behaviour of the patient, how is it performed, what is the intensity of the behaviour, how long does it last etc. In addition, through this form, the interviewer makes sure that the interviewee must answer to the medication that he is taking, what type of medical complications that are being suffered, and sleep cycles, etc.

Such a functional assessment interview form is a printable document that should be drafted in a professional manner. The form in turn is useful in providing a clear picture of the situation or the condition of an individual after proper assessment of his functions, activities and daily living.

Functional Assessment Interview Form