A printable general risk assessment form is a printable document that is used to determine the general risks and threats that could take place at premises. The form is prepared to analyse, assess, and examine that what could go wrong, then deciding the suitable control measures, and hence putting forward the measures to curb future risks.

A printable general risk assessment form can be prepared by an employer or an employee on a regular basis, be it on a monthly or a yearly basis. Preparing a general risk assessment form is necessary for your business, for your own prevention, for the prevention of your employees, workplace, customers, etc.

Such a form assesses the risks and devises necessary solutions to minimise the dangers that may take place in an organization. In order to draft a professional level assessment form, the employer must look and examine all types of working activities and evaluate the functioning of different departments and hence decide what all can cause risks and how.

Printable General Risk Assessment Form