An interview assessment form is used by the organizations to document the performance of a candidate in the interview. These assessment forms are filled by interviewers while taking the interviews to record the candidate’s performance on various parameters related with job offered.

The major parameters included in the interview assessment forms are candidate’s qualifications, academic achievements, knowledge, experience and motivation level, initiative taking ability, winning instincts, personality, strengths, weaknesses, communication skills and present ability.

The interview assessment forms help to shortlist deserving candidates, as these forms measure all the candidates on same scale and the candidate performing better than others get shortlisted.

The interview assessment forms are designed in such a way that they analyze all the psychological and work related aspects of a candidate, and help the interviewer to foresee the performance level that the candidate will showcase, once employed. These forms enable the interviewer to evaluate a candidate on the basis of his personal traits

You can Download the Free Printable Interview Assessment Form customize it according to your needs and Print. Printable Interview Assessment Form is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Printable Interview Assessment Form

Printable Interview Assessment Form

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