Printable Invoice format assists in preparing invoices for different businesses. There is not one particular invoice format but quite a few of them to suit different businesses. For instance the invoice format for businesses manufacturing and selling tangible products is different and those providing services is different. Then there are different invoice formats those dealing in wholesale and those providing retail services.

Printable Invoice format includes a number of questions about the customer’s name, his contact details, the product being sold to him, the quantity of product supplied to him, the unit price of the product, the total billed amount, the due date, the column enquiring whether the invoice has been paid or not, the shipment date and also a column enquiring about any other terms and conditions attached to the product being sold.

It has information about the company such as the company’s name, address and also its logo mentioned on the top. For small dealers the name of the dealer is mentioned.

Printable Invoice Format