A room lease invoice template creates provision for detailing the transactions involved between a lessee and lessor due to leasing out a room for a certain period. This document serves as the bill of receipt dishing up all the information regarding the lease transaction and leasing object. Thus the document should be framed comprehensively so that the lease details are transparent and clear for everyone. There should no hidden information whatsoever and every detail must be overtly present within the boundary of the paper. For authentication, the paper must be signed by the parties with date so that the validity of the lease is confirmed through it.

You can Download the Free Room Lease Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Room Lease Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Room Lease Invoice Template

Room Lease Invoice Template

Download Room Lease Invoice Template


Agency Name:____________ [Mention name]Contact details:____________ [Mention address]____________ [Mention phone number]____________ [Mention email id]
Date of lease: ______________ [Mention correct date]
Lessee’s Details: [Provide the relevant details] Name: ____________ [Mention full name]Address: __________ [Mention his mailing address]Cell number: ________ [Mention his mobile number]
Lease Term: [Provide stipulated tenure] Duration: _____ (dd/mm/yy) to ____ (dd/mm/yy) [Mention the valid term period]


Room Type [Mention the room size and location] Room Charges [Mention the rental charge per week] Total Price [Mention the total amount of rental combining all the weeks]
Payment details: [Provide payment details] Security money: _________ [State the amount]
Total amount fixed: __________ [State the total price]
Amount due: ________ [State the amount payable]
Payment Procedure: [Indicate the nature of payment] 1. Cash:
2. Credit:
3. Check: Check number:
Signatures:___________ [Lessor]___________ [Lessee]