A routine business email template is a document which provides the design of an email which is sent for business purpose to clients on a regular basis. This averts expenditure of time and energy on part of the employees and covers almost all subjects from proposals to thank tokens. Thus the design should be laid down resourcefully.

Sample Routine Business Email Template

Company Name: ___________ [Mention name of the organization]

Address: ____________ [Mention mailing address]

Phone: _____________ [Mention contact information]

Email: _____________ [Provide email id]

Date: ______________ [Mention date of writing the mail]

To: _______________ [Mention the name of the person to whom the mail is sent]

From: _____________ [Mention the name of the person who sends the mail]

Subject: ___________ [State the purpose of the mail]

[Provide an introduction with regard to the products offered] _________________________________________________________________________ [Lay down the lucrative deals and offers at present] _________________________________________________________________________    [Write words of gratitude for the client’s interest in the product] __________________________________________________________________________

Sincerely: ________________