A sample business invoice template is prepared for providing an outline of the invoice issued after completion of a certain business deal or transaction. The template is to contain sufficient guidelines for providing the perfect layout of a business invoice such that any firm can easily prepare the document in the correct format, without having to hire experts for the same. The sample for a business invoice template should hence be prepared in a manner similar to the original document, so that a general basis is constructed, upon which specifications can be incorporated, as and when required. The details of the template should comply with the ones present in original business invoices and necessary spaces should be provided for filling up with respective details. You can Download the Free Sample Business Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Sample Business Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Printable Business Invoice Template:


Business Invoice prepared by:Name: _________________________________ [mention the name of the business firm that has issued the invoice]Address: ________________________________________ [give proper mailing address]Contact number: ____________________[provide office telephone number]Website address: _________________ Business Registration ID: ___________________ [give the proper registration code of the business firm]
Business Invoice Sent to:Name: __________________________________Address: ____________________________________Contact details: _______________________ [telephone no.]________________ [email id] [Provide complete details of the business firm, organization, or individual receiving the invoice from the above-mentioned business firm] Customer ID: __________________ [give the official code of the concerned firm or individual]
Invoice Details:Invoice No.: __________________[give the proper serial number of the particular invoice]Date: ____________[provide the exact date on which the invoice was issued]Nature of business:_______________________________________________ [give a brief overview of the businessand the significance of this particular invoice and the corresponding transaction(s) involved]
  • Name of product/ service: _______________________
  • Description: ____________________________________________________
  • Quantity of goods for business: ___________________
  • Market rate: _______________
  • Cost: $ ______________
  • Taxes paid: $ _______________
  • Other costs: $ ______________
  • Discount gained: ___________
  • Gross amount: $ _______________

[Mention all the details completely, and repeat the same if more number of products/ services are involved]

Terms and conditions:__________________________________________________ [provide details of the rules and regulations of the invoice, as imposed by the particular business]
_______________________[Signature/ Stamp of Invoice issuing authority]Date: _____________