The sample consulting invoice is generally being created for the consultation firms for the purpose of elaborating the billing minutes which the client or customers has to pay for rendering of their consultation services. Such an invoice sample encompasses the outline of a consulting invoice which includes detail about the kind of consultancy services provided along with the cost incurred. This is also important for the consultancy companies to keep track of their financial activities and can also serve as a record in case of future discrepancy.  The sample consulting invoice is a general layout that all consultancy firms can use and customize according to their need.

You can Download the Free XXX Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. XXX Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Printable Consulting Invoice Template:

Sample Consulting Invoice Template

Download Sample Consulting Invoice Template

____________________Consulting Invoice
[State the name of the consultation firm]

Invoice no.: ____________

Date of Invoice: __/__/____ [dd/mm/yy] [Mention the date on which this invoice was sent]Federal Tax Payer I.D: ______________Consultation Firm Contact details:Address: ____________________
_______________ [State the address of the company]

Phone no. ________________ [Specify phone number]

Customer Information: [State the required details]
Name: _____________________Address: ______________________Phone no. _______________Email Address:________________________
Payment Preferences:Mode of Payment:_________Bank Name:___________Bank Account no.________
Type of Consultation: [specify the kind of consultation service that has been provided]
Services Provided [State the serviced provided by the firm in a chronological manner] Charges [State the fee charged for each service] Total
Total Payable Amount
Service Tax:Other Tax:[if any]
To be paid within:_______ to_______ [State period within which payment has to be made]
Company Authorization _____________[ For authenticity and future reference, the invoice must bear the authorization of the particular consultancy firm]