A sample invoice template is a pre-drafted document which aids in creating a well-formatted and systematic invoice document. It essentially deals with the way the invoice components are added. The components encompass everything from the company’s information to the client’s details. The invoice is prepared as an attempt to secure a record of the products and services sold out to the client company. It is like a bill which is mailed to the client office at the time of payment. The record lays down the payment details with sophistication considering the terms and conditions of the business deal. Every organization has its own policy by virtue of which it conducts the deal. However, the invoice pattern and design remains same for all.

Sample Printable Invoice Template

Invoice Number: ________ [Specify code number]Invoice Date: _______ [State correct date of billing]Customer Id: _______ [Specify customer code]Name of presenter: _________ [Mention full name] COMPANY NAME: _____[Mention company’s name]Address: ______ [Mention street and city name]Phone: ___ [Mention phone number]
Invoice mailed to: [Provide name, full address and valid contact information of the client]
Product Code [Indicate the correct code for identification] Name and Description [Provide the names and descriptions of the products] Price Per Unit [Mention the cost of each product] Quantity [Mention the quantity in which it is supplied] Total Cost [Indicate the total cost of the product]
Conditions: [Enumerate the conditions of payment procedure] Subtotal :____________           Tax Rate: ___________            Tax Amount: _________           Shipping charge: ______        Other: ________                    Total Amount: _________
Signature: __________________ [Provide signature]