Simple business card template is a pre-built layout which is being readily used by the businesses for depicting any urgent event, meeting or conference. Such kind of template must contain general lineation so that it could be used instantly for explicating the details of business card messages.

Sample Printable Simple Business Card Template

[Graphics that is best suited with the message of the business card]

_________________[state the name of the business]

________________[mention the mission statement of the particular business]

Date: ___________[specify the date of dispatching the business card]

Our business cordially invites you for the event of _________[mention the name of the event] on _________[date of the event] at _________[time of the event] to be held at ____________[place of the event] for the purpose of ____________[state the objective of the event]

Signature of the authority ________________

R.S.V.P: ______________[Specify a contact number where a business authority anticipates response of the invitation from the invitees]