Small business card template or visiting card layout is the one which creates provision for detailing the contact information about a small business and the concern individual and it could be shared during formal introduction for the purpose of enhancing the contacts and awareness. Therefore, it is essential to develop such kind of business card template proficiently so that proper contact information related to a small business could be presented.

Sample Printable Small Business Card Template

______________[name of the individual who is associated with the particular small business and giving the business card to the acquaintances or newly met people for increasing the contacts]

_________________ [specify the position of the particular person on the business]

Office Address:  ______________[specify the address of the small business]

Residence Address: _______________ [specify the address of his residence]

Phone number: ____________[specify his contact number]

Mobile number: ___________[specify his personal number]

Email Id: ____________[ specify the email address of the concern individual]