Small business letterhead template is a pre-built layout which creates provision for detailing name and contact details of a small business at the top of any letter that would be used for communicating with other business associates or clients. This format adds a professional and appealing appearance to the letter and also helps in branding the business.

Sample Small Business Letterhead Template

Business Name                  

[specify the name of the small business at the top]

[Insert the company logo or a graphics that would help in imparting an appealing look]

Address: [Specify the contact details of the small business so that the intended recipient of the letter could contact for future need.]

Street/ Road number:                      City :      Zip Code:   Country:

Phone number: [specify the contact number of the small business]

Email– id ______________ [specify the email id of the business or the contact person]

Website: [specify the own website of the small business provided it has the same]