The standard business card template is a readymade format that can be used by any individual for detailing their business contact information. This is usually required by the business officials for sharing their contact information with others instantly. Therefore this kind of template has to be built with an appealing yet informative tone.

Sample Printable Standard Business Card Template:

Name_____________________ [State the name of the individual employed in the particular company who will require this business card for the purpose of increasing his contacts and interacting with potential business clients] Office Address:______________________ [Mention the name of the company and the registered address of the company that the individual concerned works for] Office no.______________ [Specify the office phone number] Residential Address:_________________ [Specify the full residential address of the individual] Phone no.________________ [State the correct phone no. of the residence] Mobile no._____________________ [State the personal mobile number] Email Id:____________________ [Mention the email address, if any]