A telephone reference check template outlines the tenets of the conversation conducted by a company for checking with the personal and professional data provided by a candidate during interview. It provides the strategy of following a certain discussion norm and eventually explores the details of the applicant and confirms the authenticity of the information in a professional manner.

You can Download the Free Telephone Reference Check Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Telephone Reference Check Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Printable Telephone Reference Check Template

Telephone Reference Check Template

Download Telephone Reference Check Template


Name of company: ______________ [Mention organization’s name]
Contact: ______________ [Provide contact]
Address: ______________ [Provide location]
Applicant’s Name: ___________ [Mention candidate’s name]
Post: ____________ [Mention the job post applied in]
Date of check: ________ [Mention the correct date] Name of the person checking the reference: _______ [Give name] Reference organization or person: ______ [Lay down the name of the referral]
Relationship with referent: [Lay down the possible choices] Supervisor:
Other: [If yes, then specify]
Reason for reference: [Give a suitable reason] Competency:
Other: [If yes, then specify]
Additional Questions: [Verify applicant’s data with questions]